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3 effective Tips Hyping the teens before the Event

Hyping the teens before the Event!

It is essential that teens are excited for your dance! When they look forward to your event it creates amazing energy, gets the teen to show up and create an amazing event. This does not happen over night but it is possible! Here are 3 effective Tips!

1. Save the Date Postcard.
This is a great quick idea to get the teens attention. It should include basic info! Remember to include a picture from a previous event . This needs to be a physical flyer!

2. Create an online presence
A webpage is a great resource for teens to request songs. Use a #hashtags to promote the dance! Show pictures from previous dances. Create Youtube video!

3. Use a Lunchtime Jam to hype the crowd!
Invite your DJ to come to your lunchtime where he will play music, hype up the crowd and get the teens excited for the dance. Have the Lunchtime Jam 3-5 days before the event!


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