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Black Light Party with 1st Dance Entertainment

I love a great theme; it can help you transform any room into an amazing experience.  One of my favorite and easy theme is the Club Night or a Black Light Party theme.  With a couple of great black lights, some highlighters and glow stick you create an awesome experience. 

Why Black Lights.  Black lights help you transform your party by eliminating the house lights by replacing them with UV lights.  In addition to making everything glow there are certain products which respond very well which are white T-Shirts, Glow Sticks and Yellow High Lights.

Black Light Face Paint and Glow Sticks.  A great way to add to the atmosphere and to engage your guests is the black light paint and glow sticks or necklaces.

I love the quality of Cool Glow (http://www.coolglow.com)  They offer both Body Glow in the dark paint and glow sticks.  Glow Body Paint is a lot of fun, and your guests will love it. When they walk under the black light, they will shine.  Also supplying glow necklaces will add a great effect to your party.  I am recommending giving them to your DJ as a giveaway which will assist him/her in hyping up the crowd.  On a personal note, for school dances, I love having the student council throw them out into the crowd.

Black Light Games: there are some great activities which you can offer your guests as soon as they arrive.  Some Old-School recess games with a black light twist.  You can either create a glow in the dark tic-tac-toe, Hops, Hopscotch, or a Graffiti Wall.  The wall is created by using white butcher paper.  I recommend going to the Dollar Store.  In addition to the butcher paper, you need yellow highlighters and tape. It is a fun activity for your guests.  If you need more detailed instructions email me at info@1stdanceentertainment.com

Important note regarding professional black lighting: When planning your events, it’s important to use professional black lights.  I recommend black lights are LED-based or COB lights.  They will cover more of an area and will enable to light the room.  Too many times basic blacklights that you find at a store will not be efficient.  I recommend talking to your lighting expert or your DJ. 

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