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Building your School Dance.

The 1st Dance Entertainment experience involves Promotion, Production, and Publication.    Too many times the final step of Publication is skipped.  By completing the third step, you will greatly increase the attendance of your next dance.

After the event, it is essential to communicate to everyone who attended and those who did not attend what a great event everyone had.  It is also important to include a save the date for the next one.

Email:  I am a big fan of collecting email, accomplish this through the registration form.  You want to collect the parent’s email.  This list of emails of the parents who had youth who know will attend your event. So when its time to promote your next  Also, have a list of students you want to invite but have not attended yet.  This way you can create two different email campaigns directed toward the different needs of each type of students.

Social Media:  it is important to post to social media where both the students and their parents visit.

Facebook:  While most parents are on Facebook[11] , the students are not.  This is marketing to the parents of the students.  Parents love to see pictures of their children and know sending their children was worth the time to get them there.

Instagram  This is a great place to post pictures and video of the dance.  The students will have a chance o like the video and see their friends having a good time.

Youtube.  If you have some real video content, I recommend posting it on Youtube.  But make sure you send the links to the site through texting and or emails.  If you don’t have a video collect photobooth pictures and make a slide show.



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