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Dance Chaperons

The Chaperons:

The chairperson is one of the most ignore but most important part of the team when it comes to planning the Dance.  Without enough chairperson, the dance will be chaotic, and the administration will not allow you to have another dance.  So its so essential to take care of them.  There a couple of things you can do to help your dance run smoothly.  

  1. Assign them roles.  Just saying to show up be a chairperson is not enough.  Give them a clear explanation of what you need from them.  Are they assisting you with the snack bar or helping out with a photo booth.  Sometimes all you need them to do is be present.  When I had a hall where there was a danger of boys going into the girl’s bathroom, I placed a chair between the bathroom and had a chairperson sit there.
  • Supplies: Ensure they have the supplies they need.  Nothing will upset your chaperons more than not to be prepared.  So if they are serving at the snack bar, make sure they have all the supplies they need.  If they are monitoring the dance floor, give them a flashlight.   
  • Ear Plugs.  Just because the students love their loud music does not mean your chaperons do.  I once had an administrator from the school tell me I was the best DJ ever, why? Because I brought a jar of earplugs.  Chaperon do not need to listen to the music that students love. 
  • Water and Snack Station – Hand out water bottles to your chairperson and have a special snack station for your chairperson.  Chances are they are coming from work, or they are teachers who have already been working since 7 am, so supply them with some good old fashion hospitality.

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