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Father/ Daughter Dance Tips and Ideas

Father/ Daughter Dance:

Creating a Fun and amazing Experience!

Father/Daughter dances have grown in popularity and are a lot of fun events.  Most Father Daughter dances range from Kindergarten to 8th grade girls and their dads.  A couple of tips to keep in mind:

  1. Create a fun theme!  Choose a theme that it is easy to dress up and is cute.  A couple of recommendations:

    1. 50’s theme.
    2. Night Under the Stars
    3. Emmy Night/Hollywood
  2. Progressive Style helps to keep the daughters attention, engage them and ensure everyone have a great time.
    1. Entrance: Create an elegance entrance which is a great place for your daughter to have her picture taken with her dad.
    2. Cocktail area for the photo booth with light appetizers.  Also include a chance for decorating the area.
    3. Dancing:  A fun and elegant dance floor.  Great DJ lighting.  In addition have a professional DJ who can engage the Fathers and the Daughters.
  3. Add a photo booth, which are tagged with the dance information. This will capture the moment and help with sign up for the next fun event.

If you have any questions about putting together yoru next Father/Daughter Dance please contact us at info@1stdanceentertainment.com

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