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Halloween Playlist

10.  This is Halloween  The Citizens of Halloween
9.  A Nightmare on My Street    — DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
8.  Addams Family  —Tag Team.
7. Dead Man’s Party– Oingo Boingo
6. Don’t Fear the Reaper … Blue Oyster Cult
5.  Werewolves of London– Warren Zevon
4. Time Warp —Rocky Horror Picture Show
3  Ghostbusters —Ray Parker Jr.
2. Monster Mash —Bobby “Boris” Pickett
1. Thriller —Michael Jackson.  Michael Jackson’s 1983 “Thriller” remains the most popular music video of all time: a 14-minute horror spoof that changed the business. Behind the scenes it gave its star a temporary home with director John Landis, sparked a near romance with actress Ola Ray, and revealed how damaged the young pop idol already was. Plus: Read more about the King of Pop in our Michael Jackson archive, and see more music coverage.  Read the rest of The “Thriller” Diaries

12 Thrilling Facts About Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Video

1. All “Thriller,” Some Filler

The video cost half-a-million dollars; at the time, it was the most expensive video ever made. But CBS Records wouldn’t pay for a third video from Thriller, and MTV had a policy of never paying for clips. Jackson and Landis funded their budget by getting MTV and Showtime to pay $250,000 each for the rights to show the 45-minute The Making of “Thriller.” (MTV reasoned that if they were paying for a movie, they were circumventing their own policy.) Landis nicknamed the stretched-out documentary The Making of Filler.  Click to read more