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How to promoting your next School Dance

STUGO and promoting your next Dance.

The stugo is an amazing resource when it comes to planning and promoting your next school dance.  They are the administration eyes and ears into what the student wants, and they are key in promoting your next school dance.  Stugo is more than just students who help with setup and cleanup.  They are an essential component of promoting the dance.  Too many times they are an amazing resource that we as a group do not use enough.  In addition to helping to create the signs, they as a group need to visible and help promote the next school dance. 

  1. Have Stugo visible in front of the student body.  Give them postcards and flyers to hand out to the student body about four weeks before the dance.  The goal of postcards is to create excitement for the dance.  You need them in front of the students telling that that this dance is going to be great and they should attend the dance too.  The immediate question of students is who is going and having the STUGO out there telling other students that they will be there. 
  • Also, they need to do more than to assist with ticket sales; they need to be involved in any promotional activities such as a Lunchtime Jam.   A lunchtime Jam is when you invite the DJ to come out to your school to help you promote the dance.  The two members need to visible and help to create excitement for your dance. 
  • Finally, when it comes to the dance, they can help to excite the crowd.  I love to throw out glow necklaces to the crowd.  I will invite the stugo members to the stage and give them the glow necklaces.  And when it is time they will throw them out because everyone loves free stuff.

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