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Lunchtime Jams!

Creating amazing ticket sales:

Lunchtime Jams!

The challenge with middle school dances is demonstrating to the students that Dance will be worth their time and money.   So, the stugo needs to be able to prove to the students that they will have a good time. One of the ways to demonstrate is through a Lunchtime Jam.

A lunchtime jam is where the DJ arrives and performs for the students during their lunch. I recommend the week of the dance.  The goal is to hype up the students, which results in presale tickets.

Most middle school lunches are 30 to 40 minutes.  The beginning of the dance is background music, but it does need to excite the students.  The goal is to have the youth dancing in their seats.

Then for the 2nd half you want the youth to dance.  Line Dances work great. Get them moving; remember the purpose to create excitement for your upcoming event.

The purpose of the event is help sell tickets so make sure you have your stugo ready to sell tickets or to hand out permission slips.

So contact 1st Dance Entertainment and let share our 1st Dance Entertainment process to increase your ticket sales.

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