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Middle School Dance Part 1

Middle School Dance:  1st Dance Entertainment Process!


Middle school dances are very different form the high school events.  The youth are in a very different place in physically maturity, emotional maturity, and social skills.  In addition, parents still want to be involved in their child’s life.   It is essential to factor in the parent influence in youth decision to attend the event.

So how do plan a middle school dance?  We have found there are three essential components, which are Promotion, Production, and Publication.



Promotion is how one advertises to both the parents and youth.  Too many time one advertises to just the youth.  While the middle school youth might want to attend the event, if the parent is not aware of it, the youth will not attend because other events have already been planned.

Production is the event itself.  Do the youth have a good time?  Are they engaged?  When they walk into the room, which is usually a Gym, or Cafeteria is transformed.   If it looks like the lunchroom, they will act like its lunch time.

Production:  Parents love to hear about events and in middle school communication becomes strained.  Therefore you need to offer ways through emails, pictures and video to show what event your teen just participated in.   (Tip: If you hire a photo booth, ask for a digital copy of all the pictures)

If you have questions please contact Jeremy Stafford @ jstafford@1stdanceentertainment.com

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