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Middle School Dances: Will they show up?

The art of promoting a dance and getting the youth to attend takes time and patience. There are a couple of suggestions to help you when it comes to promoting your next middle dance. Two key points to remember:

· With middle school there is a lot of competition with their schedules

· A Dance requires the buy in of both the youth and their parents

We have created a process to help you promote your next Middle School Dances.

The 1st Dance Entertainment process:

Save the Date:

The goal of the 1st stage is to ensure everyone has the date. If you have the dates for the yearly dances make sure you post them on the school calendar, both in print and online. Keep in mind the youth schedules are planned far in advance, so the more notice you give the parents the better. Keep the dances on the same dates every year it will help you build consistency. Middle School teens flourish with structure.
Hype for the dance:

A well promoting dance will create hype and the youth will look forward to the event. Therefore a great promotional flyer and video are essential. Pick a good theme and create a promotion video using pictures from the last dance.

Ensure your success with pre-sales

Secure your success with pre-sales. No one like surprises and pre-sales will give you an idea how many youth will attend. In addition it helps when the teens ask if their friends are going or not. Plus a teen is more likely to attend if they have already bought the ticket.

For more help in promoting, producing, or publicizing your Middle School Dance Contact 1st Dance Entertainment @ info@1stdanceentertainment.com

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