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Middle School Events Specialist School DJ at Cocopah Middle School

We had an amazing time at Cocopah Middle School in Scottsdale AZ.  It was a lot of fun hanging out with the students.  1st Dance Entertainment does more than just DJ, we help you create an amazing event.  This includes: Promotion, Production, and Publication.  We are your Middle School Events Specialist who will help you with your next event.

The Monday before the dance we came out to their lunchtime and help promote the dance.  The 1st 20 minutes is background music as the students get a chance to eat and then the last 20 minutes are a chance to get the students out of their seats and dancing.  Since there were three different lunches, we performed for 3 events.

My goal is help you increase your ticket sales.  This year, we helped Cocopah presell over 250 tickets.   Lunchtimes Jams are a great way to promote your event.

We had an amazing Dance.  When it comes to middle school dances, I am fan of black lights.  It create a great ambience, and it ensure you can see the students. It was fun to see all the students on the dance floor.  In addition, we invited the student Council to help throw out the glow necklaces to the crowd.

And of course we needed to have a conga line.:)  Which was done to the song of Fireball by Pit bull.

The challenge with middle school dances is how to do promote the next one.  So put together a video for Cocopah which will help them promote their next event.

Cocopah Middle School Dance from Jeremy Stafford on Vimeo.

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