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Promoting your School Dance Tip from 1st Dance Entertainment

I love working with schools to help them promote their school Dance. It is important to promote the dance and produce a great dance.   Each successful dance helps promote the next one.  So it’s important to have a plane when planning the school dance. 

Video: collect pictures from a previous dance and create it into a video.  Most of the schools now use videos for announcements, so why not show a video of the dance.  A Video of the students having a great time will go a lot further than just another announcement.  See is believing.  (https://youtu.be/ePYg0KO0eCI)

Postcards:  2 Weeks for the dancing hand out a postcard.  It is something they have to hold on to, and it helps keep the dance in their mind.  It is important to ensure that parents know about the activity and chances are they will forget about the Dance, but the postcard will remind them.

PTO/Parent Involvement:

  Parent buy is key but not parents want to a Chaperone.  I recommend empowering them to help in supportive roles, and one of the best say is snacks.  Give them a budget and help them create fun snacks.  It has been my experience that most mothers are very creative and will even match the food with your theme.

The School Visit:

Work with your sponsor to visit the school dance.  Depending on your school size, I recommend a lunchtime Jam if the school is large which take appropriate coordination with school administration and the lunch duty personnel.   If you have a small school, I recommend visiting the school during lunch hour and asking students to write down a song list. Creating a song request list will get your students to begin to think about their dance.

If you would like help, please contact us at jstafford@1stdanceentertainment.com

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