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School Dance DJ for Desert Canyon Middle School

I had an amazing opportunity to serve the Sponsor, the Stugo, and the Study body of Desert Canyon Middle School this month. The goal was to create an amazing experience for the students. The challenge with middle school dances is that too many times the school is restricted by their budget. Therefore as expect in middle school dances, we wanted to relieve the fear of not breaking even. So we offered them a Guarantee!

1st Dance Entertainment will assist DCMS in selling 240 tickets or we will not get paid!

I created an advertising campaign for Stugo, helped them with Hashtag suggestions, and most important I provided a lunch time jam.

When I arrived on Wednesday morning, January 20th for the lunchtime jam they had only sold about 30 tickets. The 1st lunchtime Jam with the 6th & 7th graders went amazing well. They were dancing, having a great time. By the end of the day the school had sold a combined total of 70 tickets.

school dance tickets

Presales were around 30 tickets before the lunchtimes Jam and by the day of the dance, they have presold 218 tickets.

Then final numbers were 260 tickets sold. The committee had hit their mark and made money on the dance.

1st Dance Entertainment threw a great Dance for DCMS

school dance DJ success

1st Dance Entertainment Created the Rock Star Experience for DCMC

Raidance 2016 was the theme. The night was kicked off with members of Stugo throwing 200 glow necklaces into the crowd. 1st Dance Entertainment hyped up the crowd and made sure everyone was having a great time. IN addition, to DJ and lighting, Party Piz AZ supplied the photobooth. The students loved their props , there were some great pictures. In addition, the students signed the Graffiti wall.

Party graffiiti Wall DJ

The package which DCMS choose was the Rockstar package which included black lights, flood lights, and the red/green laser. In addition, to the awesome lighting, it included a large screen slide show. 1st Dance Entertainment took pictures of the students and projected upon the screen for everyone to see.

It was a fun and amazing night. I loved engaging the students from Stugo and it was great when they helped form the Congo line while the song “Fireball” by Pitbull was played.   It was a great night!

If you have any questions about 1st Dance Entertainment or what we can do for you school please contact us at info@1stdanceentertainment.com

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