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Wedding in Hawaii

I had an amazing time in Hawaii with my family as we celebrated Scott & Karlie’s Wedding.  The location was amazing, the food was great, and service was awesome.  But…there are two things I would encourage you as event professionals to education your clients on their great day.  Lesson number 1 was that the event coordinator from the restaurant is not the event planner.  My brother truly believed that she would ensure that everything ran smoothly.  She did make sure the kitchen, her wait staff, and the drinks ran smoothly, but as far as 1st Dance, toast, etc…that was not her job.


I was attending as my brother’s best man. When I discover the vacancy of a planner and MC,  I immediately became the M.C.   There was live music but he did not do serve as the MC.  So, I took over.

We sat down for dinner and I overheard the photographer state that he was leaving in 30 minutes.  I began with my toast, then I invited opened it for speeches. After the toasts, I invited the Bride and Groom to have their 1st Dance.  Then we had the Father and Daughter Dance, when then preceded to conclude with Mother/son dance.  So by 7 o’clock we had completed the dances, the toast, and the cake.

Lesson number 2 is after the official formalities there are important photo opportunities.  An hour into the dinner, the Father of the Bride decided he wanted to dance with his wife.  So Kirk and Patti started to dance.  I told my brother that he should ask his wife to dance next to her parents.  Then I went to the Father of the groom and told him to ask his wife to dance.  So we had an amazing moment of Newly wed couple dancing with their parents too.  It was a great photo opportunity and but unfortunately the photographer was not there, so I took out my iPhone to take a picture.  This is why choosing a photographer such as LifeTime Studios is so important, because they stay for the entire event. And they would have been there to take the picture of the three couples dancing together.


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